Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sony PlayStation Vita Version 3.10 Firmware Has Something More to Offer

Unlike with Android platform in tablets and smartphones, Sony PlayStation Vita firmware rarely received an update. However, the latest version offers a handful of new apps in home screen along with its memory card management system. Compared to old firmware, version 3.10 got a slightly crowded default page due to the number of additional shortcuts.

But looking forward to any significant changes, PS Vita is now capable of handling 500 apps at the same time through a touchscreen-enabled user interface. Aside from that, version 3.10 has a calendar app which can be simultaneously connected to any Google existing account and supports for voice messaging to other Sony's gaming console.

Sony PlayStation Vita Version 3.10 Firmware

Furthermore, the said firmware update is only available in U.S. and European portable gaming consoles. And according to reports, availability in other regions will follow few weeks or months from now. Having a content manager shortcut in home screen for memory cards becomes a highlight of version 3.10 which is not available before.



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