Friday, March 7, 2014

Samsung UHD Curved HU8500 TV Auto Depth Enhancer for 3D View

Aside from Galaxy S5 smartphone, Samsung officially announced their very own UHD HU8500 living room entertainment standalone module. This might be the first and high-end television with a different appearances compared to a typical flat-screened devices. It offers an Auto Depth Enhancer technology to optimize the user's viewing experience from regular to 3D (three dimensional) angles.

Unlike with curved smartphones, Samsung TV UHD HU8500 is treated with additional features aside from having a much wider screen. It is added to the line of smart televisions through its Multi Link feature and newly enhanced Smart Hub which is specifically designed to work in curved viewing angle. According to reports, it offers a perfect dimension for viewers.

Samsung UHD Curve HU8500 TV

Samsung offers UHD HU8500 in different models. It is available in either 55-inch, 65-inch, or 78-inch with the same functionality. Prices will vary from buyer's selected version with no difference in functionality except for screen sizes.



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