Saturday, March 15, 2014

Roundup: Next Generation of Galaxy Tab, Asus Chromebox M004U, Aries GoClever 70, and Goophone M8 Phone

For the past few days, a handful of surprising gadgets showed out from anywhere else. CeBIT 2014 successfully kickoff in Germany to bring a new wave of products from different manufacturers around the globe. Some folks are talking about the plan of Apple to introduce the next generation of iPhone or iPad but for now, those stories mystify the blogging community due to unclear clue.

On the other side, Samsung is probably planning to introduce a new line of Galaxy Tab by this year. The fourth anticipated model available in three different sizes. However, we heard nothing from the company about the said tablet aside from Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone debuted in WMC 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Along with their Android 4.4 (KitKat) phone, Samsung also revealed the second generation of Gear smart watches.

The first mini-computer with Google Chrome OS is now available for less than $200.00. That is no other than Asus Chromebox M004U which is ideal for living room entertainment system due to its compacted size. According to reports, the said machine is packed with Intel Celeron technology, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB solid-state drive (SSD) built-in storage.

Aside from another anticipated Galaxy Tab and newest compacted machine of Asus, Aries surprisingly revealed a budget-friendly slate, the GoClever 70 M742 with MediaTek MT8389 quad-core CPU. A 7-inch Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) tablet with 1GB DDR3 main memory, 8GB of built-in flash storage, and SIM card slot.

Furthermore, HTC introduces a new wave of mid-range smartphones way back in December of 2013 which are now in Taiwanese stores as well in Hong Kong. A colorful Butterfly S and HTC One handsets added to the new line of Android phones to hit the global market within this year. Both are expected to bump with Samsung Galaxy S5 and other famous brands in stores.

In behalf of HTC One, Goophone M8 surprisingly appeared in the wild. The said Chinese brand shares a common appearances with the Taiwan-made model. And guess what, in terms of specs, both are equipped with the same MediaTek MT6595 processor and few difference in built-in storage and RAM.



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