Monday, March 17, 2014

Philips Blade 2 with Miracast Support 23-Inch Monitor for Android Devices

While television modules continue to expand the reach of Android platform, Philips introduces Blade 2 (239C4QHWAB) monitor with Miracast support. According to reports, the said 23-inch (58.4-centimeter) full high-definition (HD) display is typically designed to work with Android-powered device. Guess what, it is added to the line of IPS LCD treated with W-LED backlight technology.

Philips Blade 2 allows anyone to share their multimedia files through a wireless connection from any Android devices. This could change our perception towards the true purpose of smartphones and tablet computers. And that is to transform portable and smaller machines to a powerful media center. Compared to LG and Samsung curved television, Blade 2 is also equipped with smart functionality.

Aside from having an IPS and Miracast technology, Philips Blade 2 is also designed to work with SmartTxt, MHL, SmartImage, SmartKolor, and SmartContrast controls. Adding a new flavor to a typical monitor ideal for living rooms as well for conference hall. However, its 23-inch screen is not enough to stream high-quality videos or images in far distances.

In terms of connectivity support, Philips Blade 2 supports the digital HDCP or HML-HDMI technology aside from VGA. And it is also treated with Separate Sync and Sync on Green features and HDMI audio output.

Philips Blade 2 with Miracast Support 23-Inch Monitor

In addition, Philips Blade 2 is only available in glossy black ultra-slim package. This might also work in future iOS devices aside from smartphones and tablets with Android operating systems.



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