Monday, March 10, 2014

HTC is Probably Working for a Colorful M8 Android Smartphone

Yesterday, I was surprised by a Goophone M8 Android smartphone. However, according to reports, the said handset might be a clone of HTC One that showed out in Taiwan way back in December of 2013. In just a matter of days, the handset debuted in Hong Kong which cost for more than 6-thousand HKD. And guess what, it was followed by a colorful Butterfly S. A 4G LTE-enabled model to answer the needs of consumers as the network technology continue to expand in the country.

And now, some folks are talking about the new upcoming Android phone from HTC. This might be a colorful device just like of what we can get from the line of Butterfly S handsets. Nobody knows the exact plan of the company to introduce a high-end phone but according to reports, they are planning to introduce an M8 model not later by this month.

HTC M8 might be one of another anticipated smartphones to become available in the global market by this year. Specs and important details are still floating on the line for some clue about this model but that is not enough for a real thing, right?

HTC M8 Leaked Photo from EVLeaks

I will keep on following the story behind the appearances of Goophone and HTC One after the break for any additional info. You can try to look around for reviews of its predecessors which are now in stores waiting to be replaced by a colorful 5-inch or bigger handset.



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