Thursday, March 20, 2014

Asus Introduces ROG Matrix R9 290x and Matrix GTX 780 Ti Graphic Cards

Asus added ROG Matrix R9 290X and NVidia Matrix GTX 780 Ti in their line of graphic cards. The newest version of GeForce series to hit the market by this year. According to reports, it was treated with DirectCU II technology plus a 10-millimeter copper cooling heat pipe aside from a typical fans. Both of the said models are capable of running from 1050MHz to a maximum of 1072MHz clock speed.

Asus ROG Matrix R9 290X (Radeon Platinum) offers a 4GB GDDR5 memory which is slightly higher compared to GTX 780 Ti. Despite of a little difference, both are also treated with noise reduction technology and support for over clocking. And compared to its GeForce predecessors, these new line of video cards are 13-percent more efficient.

Asus ROG Matrix R9 290X Graphic Card

NVidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti got a lower memory size compared to 290X. For only 3GB of GDDR5, it is also included with Asus GPU Tweak software and drivers. Both of these models are also designed to support PCI Express 3.0 and a maximum 4096 x 2160-pixel resolution. In terms of memory interface, the 290X is a 512-bit device while 780 Ti falls to 384-bit only.

NVidia Matrix GTX 780 Ti Video Card

Furthermore, both of ROG Matrix R9 290X and GeForce Matrix 780 Ti are also equipped with Memory Defroster technology for faster memory over clocking, safe mode, and voltage regulator module (VRM) through a Super Alloy Power. The datasheets of these two video cards shows a common features aside from having a different memory sizes.

And I can say that both of the said video cards are typically designed to offer a higher performance level which is not possible a couple of years ago as well to answer the needs of the increasing demand of gaming industry. Both are ideal for user who would like to turn their machine to a powerful gaming console.

Before I can forget, both of these GPUs are also designed for Asus AM1I-A and AM1M-A motherboards and predecessors in stores.



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