Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Apple iPhone 5c with 8GB Storage is Now Available in China

For the past months of 2014, some folks are talking about the newest line of iPhone. According to previous reports, the next generation of the said smartphone is treated with Sapphire Substrate display. The company is probably planning to introduce a more stronger model compared to its predecessors in stores. Prior to that possible version, a low-cost 8GB iPhone 5c surprisingly came out the market.

Compared to iPhone 5c 16GB model, this might be the first budget-friendly handset with the same features except from a little shortcomings in terms of built-in storage. And guess what, it is now available in Chinese retail stores as noted by Engadget. Buyer can pick an 8GB model in Apple Stores based in mainland China, Hong Kong, as well in Taiwan.

This might be a surprising news for people who are looking for a cheaper and colorful iPhone 5c. The demand continue to rise while on the middle of iOS 7.1 update.

Apple iPhone 5c 8G Version

Going back to China, it is now available for about $5,140.00 in Hong Kong and NT $20,060.00 in Taiwan. And the good thing about it, Apple iPhone 5c 8GB model supports a numerous type of carriers in Asian region. The closest competitor of Android smartphones are also headed to other worldwide outlets.



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