Thursday, February 20, 2014

Microsoft is Changing SkyDrive to OneDrive, Giving a 100GB Free Storage

Folks from the world of gaming and other industry can avail the first promotional 7GB of free cloud storage in OneDrive (the new name of SkyDrive) from Microsoft. That will be added by a maximum of 5GB size for referring someone and 3GB for managing camera content. For a total of 15GB, the company is giving it for free as they change the name of one of their online services along with other features.

According to a reliable source, current user of SkyDrive can use their existing account in OneDrive without changing the underlying details. Aside from that, user can earn a 500MB extra storage for every referral to a maximum of 5GB. Surprisingly, the first 100-thousand user can also avail a free 100GB of free cloud storage for the first year of service.

Microsoft OneDrive for iOS and Android Devices

Furthermore, OneDrive is also accessible through any Windows operating system, Windows Phone, MS Office, and even through the blockbuster gaming console of Microsoft, the Xbox One. And the good thing about this new storage space from the company is that, iOS and Android users can also use the said services for free through an exclusive app.

OneDrive enables an automatic saving of photos as well videos from iOS and Android devices camera in an instance. A handful of changes might affect the way the entire cloud storage works due to its new interface and additional features. And the said free services are ideal for businesses which continue to strive for a cost-effective online storage solution.



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