Wednesday, February 12, 2014

MediaTek ARM Cortex-A17 MT6595 Octa-Core CPU with 4G LTE Support

Smartphone and tablet manufacturers around the globe continue to innovate by introducing a handful of powerful devices. The discovery of power-efficient microchips are driving these companies to brought out a new wave of portable machines to answer the needs of the masses. Aside from being the primary agent of mobile phones and tablets, these chips are also design to be a power efficient modules.

By looking forward to the availability of 4G LTE networks, some of these manufacturers would like to upgrade their products for a more efficient performance. Typical operation of smartphones are now affected by a rampant changes in connectivity which also give a lot of options for users.

MediaTek ARM Cortex-A17 MT6595 Octa-Core CPU

And while Samsung continue to embrace Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips, MediaTek recently revealed an octa-core CPU, the MT6595 ideal for high-end smartphones and tablets. An Armada or ARM-based microchip that double the size of their previous quad-core technology.

Way back in December of 2013, I heard of TCL's Idol X+ in China. The first handset treated with MediaTek MT6592 processor at 2GHz (octa-core) speed. However, the 5-inch smartphone is named under the flagship of Alcatel in other regions. And following the appearances of the said handset in Chinese stores, MT6595 is typically designed to support a 4G LTE network.

According to report, MT6595 is a combination of ARM Cortex compacted technology. This chip is capable of changing its operation for optimal power-efficiency features.

Furthermore, MT6595 is also designed to work with Power VR Series 6 graphics and Wi-Fi 802.11ac aside from 4G LTE support. That is to extend the capability of any supported device for a high-definition (HD) video recording.



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