Saturday, February 22, 2014

Grove Introduces Wood Smart Homes for iPad Air and Mini

While other protective gear continue to innovate through a handcrafted cases for Apple's iPad Air and Mini, Grove introduces a unique and probably, the first made of wood case. It is a carrying case typically designed from a piece of ecological matter. That includes a theme from the ambiance of nature through a common biological material.

Compared to other protective gear, Wood Smart Homes is also capable of protecting the entire device in minor bumps, scratches, and falls. This might answer the needs of busiest 7-inch iPad users to safeguard their handheld machine against the environment. Rubberized casing in stores offers a promising protection but if talk about a greener way of saving a particular device, this might be an ideal case, right?

Grove Wood Smart Homes Case for iPad Air and Mini

Furthermore, Wood Smart Homes offers a versatile material that could compete to any plastic and synthetic fiber material. And you can have it from Grove for about $80.00 to $100.00 only. However, the price is quite high compared to some simple yet effective protective gear from computer shops and other stores.

Few weeks ago, I heard of a gold and diamond treated case specifically designed for iPad Air. Compared to its overall appearance to a made-of-wood gear, the price is quite unreasonable for practical buyers. The said case is now available in Europe from Goldstriker.



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