Monday, January 13, 2014

ViewSonic Introduces TD2430ML, 4K Series, and VX2363SML-W Touchscreen Monitors

The Californian based company was known for producing high-quality monitors since the early age of CRT models. They are also a pioneering manufacturer in this line of product along with other computer accessories and peripherals. This year, the ViewSonic introduces a new wave of touchscreen-enabled monitors in CES 2014 as well on their official website.

I will start from a 24-inch TD2430ML model. It supports a 10-point contact typically designed for Microsoft's Windows 8 and Linux operating systems. All of its variants are equipped with multiple layer for protection. Treated with a scratch-resistant glass with promising responsive features. This model is up for about $430.00 as noted by report.

Viewsonic TD2430ML, 4K Series, and VX2363SML-W Touchscreen Monitors

ViewSonic also revealed a 4K series for desktop computers. Available in either VX2880ML and VX2876IML 28-inch models. However, it is expected to arrive in stores by the month of May for about $1,000.00 each. Both of these has a PBP functions along with VGA and DVI supports. In terms of ports, the ViewSonic 4K series are also designed with HDMI connectivity and MHL technology.

And the smallest, budget-friendly, and most affordable model is no other than the VX2363SML-W. A 23-inch IPS touchscreen monitor which is closely similar to some portable computers screen in stores. It is available in three different variants, the SC-Z56, SD, and SD-T225-T245. All SML-W line are also equipped with HML tech for brilliant and high-definition (HD) capabilities.

Furthermore, prices of VX2363SML-W starts at around $375.00 to $600.00. All new ViewSonic touchscreen monitors are capable of streaming Miracast video content through a wireless connection from any compatible machines.



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