Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Verizon Moto G is Coming to Best Buy for $100 Only!

Following those rumors about the plan of Motorola to offer a budget-friendly handset, a newly leaked photo from Best Buy shows a Verizon Moto G handset for $100.00 only. And few weeks ago, this new variant of Moto X surprisingly appeared in Amazon as well in the official website of the company. However, the 8GB and 32GB models are costing an about $179.00 to less than $200.00 respectively.

The one that appeared in a leaked photo shows that Best Buy doesn't offer a binding contract for Moto G. That is good for $99.99 only and it is expected to arrive in store by this January according to CNet recently. A person working in Best Buy take a photo of that handset and posted on his Google Plus account. It might be a 16GB model and price for 32GB is a little bit higher.

Verizon Moto G in Best Buy

In addition, Best Buy will start to offer Moto G upon the arrival of their stocks. A good indication that Motorola with Android 4.4 smartphone with affordable prices is about to showed out in U.S. local stores. A low-profile variant of Moto X series which recently appeared in Amazon. Availability of 4.5-inch Verizon Moto G will probably start by this month as noted by reports.

Specs and other important details of the handset is currently available in the official website of Motorola. Compared to iPhone 5c as well with HTC's upcoming Butterfly S and One Max phones, Moto G is expected to come with the same type of colors.



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