Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Square Enix Final Fantasy 3 is Debuted in Windows Phone

Following its arrival in iOS and Android operating systems, Square Enix brought out a Windows Phone version of Final Fantasy 3. For about $16.00, this price is already reasonable for folks who would like to keep up the excitements and adventures from Nintendo DS as well from Sony's PSP through their smartphones.

However, the one running in Windows Phone, iOS, and Android is an overhauled version of Final Fantasy 3. The game is pretty different compared to those versions in portable gaming consoles. It has a few shortcomings but with the same role-playing game (RPG) capability. The game featured a 3D remake just like of 2006 version which become a blockbuster game during that time.

Square Enix Final Fantasy 3 in Windows Phone

Walkthrough of Final Fantasy III says that summoning powerful creatures like Shiva and Bahamut is now possible. And user can change their characters at any time while on their journey to save the world as chosen by the crystals.



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