Monday, January 20, 2014

Sony D6503 Fascinating Handset is a Refreshed Model of Xperia Z1?

Until now, nobody knows the exact name of Sony's fascinating D6503 handset after its appearances in forums and reports. There is no word or statement from the company that would confirmed the entire story. On the other side, someone compared the previously reported photos to Xperia Z1 just to figure out the difference from the existing model.

According to Xperia Guide, it has a closer appearances with Xperia Z1 in terms of design and frames of Sony D6503 device. There might be a minor changes aside from the color and outer appearance of the handset. And because of that, they are pointing out the common characteristic from different angle except from the unknown specs.

Sony New D6503 Smartphone

Furthermore, the D6503 appeared in XDA Developer forum in a handful of photos. But now, the thread has been updated by a user interface (UI) of the said device. And because of that, the story is getting more clearer towards the possible name of Sony's another Android-powered machine. This might be a refreshed variant of Xperia Z1 smartphone or anything new coming from the same line.



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