Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Samsung SM-W750V, Spotted from the Wild with Windows Phone 8 OS

Samsung tried to embrace Windows Phone 8 operating system for their smartphone but they doesn't stay for good. Instead, the company turn their their development in Android-powered handsets. Some of their tablets and hybrid computer in stores are pre-installed with Microsoft's native platform but not their smartphones. They are probably concerned of affordable and budget-friendly prices for consumers rather than having a high-performance machines packed with license software.

The company is probably changing their plan by treating some of their handset with Windows Phone 8 OS in the future. A cargo document from the wild revealed a Samsung SM-W750V device, a 5-inch handset with 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution with the said platform. There is no official statement that will confirm the availability of the portable device but Bluetooth SIG in North America showed out a few important related details.

In addition, Samsung SM-W750V is probably the new variant of Galaxy Lite due to its size. Windows Phone Central as well Phone Arena also mentioned the model number of this device on their previous reports. Other specs (CPU, RAM, storage size, and platform) is not yet available aside from its possible screen size and projected operating system.

Samsung SM-W750V Rumored Windows Phone 8 Handset

It is a surprising but mystical device to be noted as one of the upcoming new line Samsung's mobile phone. I haven't seen an actual photo of SM-W750V aside from a fact sheet of Bluetooth SIG. And this article is not enough to confirmed the availability of this handset in 2014.



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