Thursday, January 23, 2014

Samsung Revealed a Galaxy Note 3 Olympic Games Edition!

A complementary limited and special edition of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is up for Sochi's Winter Olympic. According to report, it is the only official handset of the game with the same specs to previously reported smartphone. The only difference is the one-of-a-kind case intended for athletes to bring home the ambiance of February's game.

The packaging shows a Galaxy Note 3 Olympic Games Edition label, an iconic logo, and colors to inspired the athletes coming from different corner of the globe. While waiting for Android 4.4 (KitKat) update, this model is also treated with Jelly Bean platform. It has no difference in terms of operating system from what we can get in stores.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Olympic Games Edition

Furthermore, the good thing about this special edition of Galaxy Note 3 is that, it is about to carry the flag of Samsung along with the banners of other nations. A great opportunity for the company to showcase the quality of their product among the other handheld devices to reached the stadium of Sochi's Winter Olympic next month.



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