Thursday, January 30, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab Google Play for Education Edition is Up

Following the announcement of Intel to offer a computing technology ideal for students at any level, some tablet manufacturers are already producing a handful of machines for educational purposes. Just like of DreamWorks, the company teamed up with Fuhu for an 8-inch DreamTab which is expected to arrive in stores by Q1 of 2014.

On the other side, while on the midst of competition to produce a high-quality handheld machines, Samsung officially announced their plan to bring a Google Play for Education version of Galaxy Tab. A 10.1-inch tablet with Android 4.4 (KitKat) platform and exclusively designed for innovative learning experience. The company is committed to bring a new portable learning tool to maximize any form of resources for students.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Google Play for Education Edition

According to report, it is the new Samsung Galaxy Tab integrated with Google Play for Education to answer the needs of students in schools and to empower educators through a touchscreen technology which is not available five years ago. Ted Pike, the Senior Vice-President of Enterprise Business Division of Samsung noted that the company signed with Google Education for this new line of 10.1-inch tablet.

Availability of the said device will start by the month of April. And it is clear that they are extending the reach of Samsung Galaxy Tab not only in business and professional sectors but also for students to deliver a new learning experience with Google Education. The partnership of Samsung and the search giant company is expected to deliver a new interactive classroom experience to lift up the educational standard in the future.



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