Saturday, January 18, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 Pelican ProGear CE1250 Protective Case

One thing we can do to prolong the lifespan of our gadgets is to find a protective gear against the nature and unanticipated happenings. A handful of promising cases treated with rubber has the advantage when it comes in elegant design. Pelican is known for the quality of their products since then in terms of protection. Through the advancement of smartphone casings, availability of their specialized peripherals continue to expand nowadays.

Pelican introduced a ProGear CE1250 intended for the line of Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones. An extreme protective gear that can ease some of our worries in terms of dropping a 5-inch handset. It is made of a high-grade polymer material than can give an extra protection in impact. Compared to ProGear 1150 as well with other protective case from the company, the CE1250 is capable of covering the entire sides of the handset.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Pelican ProGear CE1250 Protective Case

Furthermore, the interior of ProGear CE1250 is made of Elastomeric Copolymer material. A scientifically created material capable of absorbing shocks from any range of impacts. Compared to a rubberized plastic casings, this will be the advantage of the said protective gear. It has been optimized for possible breakage unlike with other synthetic fiber casings.

And the only disadvantage of having a ProGear CE1250 aside from protecting the entire device from impact is that, it can turn Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone to a bulky device. However, we can also find this changes in other specialized casings.

In addition, Pelican ProGear CE1250 is not a waterproof casing. It is only design to work with shocks and impacts but not to protect our smartphone from other unwanted problems. And buyers can choose from either black, white, blue, purple, and grey with the shade of orange for about $40.00 only. No words for its availability in iPhone 5s or other Samsung's Android-powered competing handsets for now.

On the other side, Claus de Paris also revealed their very own crocodile-leather made iPhone 5s protective casing few days ago.



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