Friday, January 17, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini and Mega to Received a Free Wi-Fi Calling Treatment

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini and Mega are reportedly the first Android-powered smartphones to received a free Wi-Fi calling and text from Sprint. If possible, it is a big help for their subscribers to cut their plans by taking a chance to call and send text messages locally. The document presented by Android Central brought out these two stunning devices as test subjects of the plan.

Compared to T-Mobile, sending a free text message through a local connection could not caused an outage for bandwidth. According to reports, adding this capabilities to some Android phone can immediately gain a huge popularity for supported devices. However, sales of other brands and models will be affected as people turn their heads to another practical handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini and Mega Free Wi-Fi Calling and Text Promo

Free calls and text will only available in Android 4.2 and up platforms. Aside from that, users must get or find a CDMA signal before they can use the said freebies from the network carrier. On behalf of Sprint, there is no official statement that will confirm this plan or proposal.

In addition, this could give an additional points for Samsung Galaxy S users and subscribers for the time this complimentary offer started. While waiting for further announcements from Sprint, the said Samsung devices are known for being a low-profile smartphones with unique and promising features we cannot compare with other brands in stores.

While ago, a white Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 model is now available for order in the company's official online store in less than $200.00 only.



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