Sunday, January 19, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 SM-P905V is Debuted in FCC

Going back to December of 2013, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 started to appear in forums and reports. The first handheld machine to sports a unique of screen size compared to what we can get from its predecessors. I heard too much about a 10.1-inch tablet but often for a 12.2-inch slate with fully customized Android platform.

And now, a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 SM-P905V model finally arrived in FCC noted with Verizon LTE band. It means, this machine is also headed to the network carrier's retail outlet few weeks or months from now. And before the end of 2013, an SM907A variant also appeared with the flagship of AT&T for testing.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 SM-P905V Tablet

We cannot deny it but it is a good indication that the first wave of the said 12.2-inch machine are now headed to two network providers in U.S. However, there is no official statement from Samsung that would confirmed the availability of this Android-powered tablet in American market. Pricing details will probably vary according to buyer's selected configuration and data plan.

Pricing details of Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro for European retail stores showed out recently. And it is clear that availability of Samsung's new line of tablets is about to start by this quarter.



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