Sunday, January 19, 2014

Roundup: HP Slate Voice Tab, Pelican ProGear Galaxy S4 Case, Sony Xperia D6503, and Xtreamer Multi-Console TV Box

HP introduces a new wave of 6 and 7 inches tablets which enable voice calls and sending of text messages. The two variants of Slate Voice Tab has a dual-SIM support just like of a typical Android smartphone with the same feature. Both are packed with 16GB of storage which is slightly higher compared to Huawei's MediaPad 7 Youth2 as well to Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 Lite models.

On the other side, Pelican brought out a ProGear CE1250 for Samsung Galaxy S4 handsets. a protective cover made of scientifically designed material to absorb shocks from unwanted impact. It has a unique characteristic which are not available to any plastic-made and rubberized covers. A high-end peripheral that can extend the lifespan of Samsung's iconic phone.

Pelican ProGear CE1250 Samsung Galaxy S4 Casing

Someone from GSM forum revealed an upcoming variant of Xperia Z smartphone, the D6503. It was previously reported that the said device is probably the Xperia Z1 Compact or Z1S series. A fascinating handset that nobody know its existence until a handful of photo gave us a few clue to follow.

This year, Android-powered TV modules continue to arrive in the market. These devices differs from prices, sizes, features, and manufacturers. Despite of their increasing number, Xtreamer doesn't missed to introduced their very own Multi-Console Android TV Box with wireless display adapter. Making the device unique from other competing products.

Furthermore, Google is reaching the iOS users by introducing Movies & TV Services in iTunes. Allowing Apple devices fanatics to have a free access in a wide variety of videos on their own library. This app is a native of Android platform and user can have it straight from iTunes for free but viewing of videos correspond to another set of payment.

Asus is not too late to answer the needs of high-end PC users by introducing a GPU with water cooling system, the ROG Poseidon GTX 780 DirectCU. A native of NVidia's line of graphic devices which has been optimized for a maximum performance. It is ideal for any high-definition (HD) PC gaming requirements with an advance cooling module from a typical air and heat sink architecture.

Going straight to Japan, Panasonic and Sharp introduces a new wave of Intel Core i5-4200U (Haswell) machines with the same memory sizes and solid-state drive (SSD) storage. Panasonic's CF-MX3 is another Windows 8 hybrid PC with only 12.5-inch screen.

A fully convertible laptop which is also available in Intel Core i7 powered variant. And Sharp brought up their very own RW-16G tablet with a 15.6-inch screen which is wider than any typical slates in stores.



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