Friday, January 10, 2014

Nokia Lumia 1520 Black Windows Phone 8 vs Apple iPhone iOS App Folder

Few months ago, the company officially announced their plan to release an update for Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphones with 1GB of RAM, the black-themed edition of Windows Phone 8. However, it is only limited to several variant of the said handset due to hardware requirements. That includes a handful of features like Beamers, adding an interactive QR Code scanning capability of documents and presentations. And some of this updates or new features are also available in Lumia 2520.

Nokia Lumia Black edition offers the new features which are totally unique compared to other smartphones in the market. However, its App Folder is probably coming from the initiative of Apple iOS. Allowing user to group applications by simply creating a dedicated folder for shortcuts. Just like in iPhone as well in iPad, this feature could organized content in group to save screen space.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Black Windows Phone 8 Edition

App Folder in Nokia Lumia Black Windows Phone 8 is also similar to iOS but I think, it doesn't allow groupings of original shortcuts provided by the platform. It enables tiling of home screen through a container found in only one location.

Aside from App Folder, Nokia added the second version of Glance in Lumia Black. It is now capable of supporting five notification icons through the screen and night-time colors for a much better performance in low light environment. And that includes a Nokia Storyteller feature which enable user to have a collated images through time and places in story line view guided by a built-in map.

Compared to iOS, Nokia is offers a more interactive features which are not available in iPhone and iPad devices except for its App Folder. And according to a reliable source, they are also planning to release the other exclusive updates in other models within this month.



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