Sunday, January 5, 2014

LG is Up for 105-inch Curved Ultra HD 105UC9 Television in CES 2014

The company recently announced their plan to reveal a new breed of UHD televisions in Consumers Electronic Show (CES) 2014 few days from now. That includes a 104.6-inch curved set with an aspect ration of 21:9. It has been optimized for best cinematic experience through a wide and unique viewing angle with 5120 x 2169-pixel high-definition (HD) resolution.

LG's Curved Ultra HD 105UC9 will be joined by company's new line of interactive televisions. To start from 65, 79, 84, and 98-inch UB9800 (with 3840 x 2160-pixel resolution) versions along with a whooping 105-inch variant. The widest model featured a 7.2 multi-channel audio system from Harman Kardon technology. And that includes an Ultra HD Cinema feature for optimal performance in rendering quality of images.

LG 105-inch Curved Ultra HD 105UC9 Television

Other newest line of LG's curved TVs are EC9700 and EC9800 models along with the flat screen UB8500 series. Featuring an ULTRA IPS and LED technology with sizes ranges from 49-inch to 77-inch widescreen sizes.

Hopefully, all versions will work in most of Android-powered television boxes in the market. A smart TV with exceptional performance in terms of rendering videos from handheld and laptop computers.



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