Tuesday, January 21, 2014

LG Curved G Flex Smartphone is Headed to European Stores by February

Following the appearances of Samsung Galaxy Round way back in the month of November 2013, G Flex showed out as the second handset with curvy structure. Its ergonomic design gave us the clue about the next generation of smartphones. Availability started in Korea for about $940.00 and now, LG continue to extend the reach of their iconic handset in the global market.

LG first brought out the 6-inch G Flex in Korean retail stores. The first smartphone to sports a Plastic OLED display with a few shortcoming because of the said technology. It has a lower screen resolution compared to other handsets treated with AMOLED screen. And the advantage of having a curved handheld device is probably to bring a comfortable grip for the user.

LG 6-Inch Curved G Flex Smartphone

Furthermore, LG officially announced the availability of G Flex in Europe by the month of February. The local network provider in U.K., the EE is about to reveal the first wave of 6-inch curved phone. In France, it is expected to carry the flagship of Orange to consumers.

Pricing details is not yet available in more than twenty European countries. Upon comparing the current price of G Flex in Korean stores against Euro as well with Pound, this will come with tags higher than a flat-screen smartphones running a common Android platform and display sizes.



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