Saturday, January 25, 2014

iPad Air with Gold and Diamond Case is Now Available in Europe

A surprising model of Apple's iPad Air showed out in a European website. The 24 carats gold and s-diamond edition with the same specs to previously reported machine in stores. It has a unique and exclusively made case made of precious material. Goldstriker offers the one-of-a-kind tablet for about 4,000.00 euros which is more than a double from its original price in the global market.

I can say that the golden iPad Air has a value different from what we can get in a less than $500.00 model from Apple and Best Buy stores. It was treated with diamonds, the most attractive precious stone for a luxurious design. I do not know if this model can really satisfy the needs of a future user because of the outside appearance.

iPad Air with Gold and Diamond Case

Furthermore, this version of iPad Air in European store is not treated with a protective gear like anti-shock and waterproof cover. As a user, you must be responsible on how you can extend the lifespan of your precious tablet.

And somehow, it can make a difference, right? But the question is, who will be the first person to buy a golden iPad Air while the European economy of continue to decline?



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