Monday, January 13, 2014

HTC One X+ Future Android Updates Has Been Terminated!

A report coming from HTC's main office in United Kingdom noted that there will be no further Android updates for HTC One X+ in the future. It means, current users could not experience the newest platform of Google through their mobile phones. That includes the two variants of this handset which are now in American retail stores.

AT&T offers an HTC One X+ smartphone, the first line of NVidia Tegra 3 (quad-core) powered device with Android 4.3 operating system. Sad to say, any kind of updates will not become available or else, they must tweaked their handset for possible future changes. Although KitKat is striving to be heard among the upcoming smartphones, the previous version of Android remains the first choice of several manufacturers.

HTC One X+ Android Updates

Furthermore, HTC officially announced and confirmed this story straight from their offices in UK as well in Netherlands. The company is probably forcing the consumers to shift or embrace their upcoming Butterfly S or HTC One Max smartphones in the future. Other than that, a golden model is now available in Taiwanese market and it is now headed to the global market.

However, pricing for HTC One Max and its variants are not clear outside of Taiwan. There might be an unlocked and free of binding contract version just like of Motorola's Moto G in Best Buy. A budget-friendly and affordable handset treated with Android 4.4 (KitKat).



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