Monday, January 27, 2014

GTA: San Andreas for Windows Phone is Now Available!

Next to iOS platform, Rockstar Games brought up Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in Windows Phone for about $7.00 only. It is now available for a handful of Nokia Lumia's smartphones that supports a similar controls from what we can experience from Android and iOS versions. That includes HTC's 8XT line of handsets with a closer display sizes.

Just like of an iOS version which is now available in iTunes, there is no changes in prices but it is only limited to a number of supported Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones. Compared to the prominent Android platform of GTA: San Andreas, all features are similar in three different operating systems. And the good thing about it, new devices with different supported platform continue to rise in number.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Windows Phone

Furthermore, GTA supports a multiple number of languages. The entire game is also available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese aside from the commonly played English version. But if the iOS platform required a 1GB of storage for the complete installation of the game, Windows Phone user must secure a maximum of 2.5GB free space before the download.

In addition, I can say that Rockstar Games is giving us the opportunity to join Carl Johnson for another challenging adventure through our fingertips from its original platform. GTA is now reaching Android, iOS, and Windows Phone players from a typical PC with almost the same story lines and features. Enhancements and contextual controls are also provided for smaller devices for a great user experience.



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