Friday, January 17, 2014

Google Offers an Online Rental of Movies and TV Services on iOS

We do not know of what is going on between Apple and Google nowadays aside from previous statement of Steve Jobs against the search engine giant for the Android platform. And guess what, doing a business outside of those issue could mean something for people who are looking for a chance to watch their favorite movies and television series through an iOS powered device, right?

A Google Play Movies and TV app is now available in iTunes. Downloading of this app has no corresponding payment but it enables a live access to the other company's video library through an iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. This application is officially made by Google developers for iOS users. Extending the reach of their online entertainment resources from Android to the native platform of Apple.

Google Play Movies and TV App in iOS

It is quite awkward but for most who are willing to pay for their most awaited videos, it is the advantage of having this app on their smartphones and tablets. Sad to say, the disadvantage of having a Google Play app in iTunes is like inviting your competitor to live in your own neighborhood for an outlet. Hopefully, because of this new business scenario, dropping in prices of videos and MP3 files will start.

In addition, this is not new in iOS and iTunes. Amazon also extend the reach of their videos and musics through their own app. On the other side, Google Play Movies and TV enables Chromecast to work in the new platform for streaming live videos just like of other Android-powered devices.

For now, Google Play Movies & TV in iOS offers their services in U.S., Japan, and U.K. only. Availability in other countries will follow without a prior notice from iTunes.



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