Thursday, January 16, 2014

Final Fantasy VI for Android is Now Available for About 15-Euro

Square Enix is giving up for the demand of Android users, to roll out the most anticipated game for their smartphones and tablet computers. It is now available in Google Play Store for 14.99-euro only along with the newest title from other game developers. The company officially announced the availability of Final Fantasy VI following its appearances in the online store.

The new version of Final Fantasy includes Kefka Palazzo, a character who become a celebrity for most Android games enthusiasts. I heard this name for multiple times in forums as well in social networking sites. And guess what, he is also available in Japanese, Mandarin, and other supported language of the game.

Final Fantasy VI for Android Platform

Kefka is noted as one of the best villain from the previous walkthrough of Final Fantasy and somehow, he is also anticipated by some folks to visit the Android gaming platform. However, others doesn't like him because of his ambition. And the teens are tasked to overcome and stopped his plan. To know more about him, I recommend the following video below:

Furthermore, Square Enix make a big surprise for fans and followers of Final Fantasy this month, right? The company also announced the availability of the 3rd installment of the game in Windows Phone 8 platform a couple of weeks ago.



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