Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dell Precision M3800 vs Apple MacBook Pro, Features and Prices

Portable high-performance computers continue to live despite of competition. Their number continue to grow in the market in seasonal basis. A handful of laptop computer in stores are now treated with a touchscreen technology because of the increasing demand of iconic feature inspired by tablets and smartphones. Prices remains on the same level for the past years but most of these has a promising performance and speed.

Availability of convertible and hybrid PC (like the Panasonic Let's Note CF-MX3 and Acer Iconia W510 models) threatens the existence of conventional laptop computers. However, the price of these tools has a big difference compared to what we can get from a classical version of portable devices.

Dell Precision M3800 15-inch High-Performance Laptop

In terms of elegance and high-performance, people who are looking for a productivity tool that can optimize their resources, Dell Precision M3800 and Apple MacBook Pro might ideal. Both are equipped with a promising technology which are not available in notebook and netbook computers.

Having an 8GB of RAM can also turn the heads of computer game enthusiasts for a possible alternative from the line of Alienware models. But if you are a professional looking for a great deal to become more productive, Dell Precision M3800 could offer a horizon for your budget and needs. This model is also ideal for students for a portable workstation with plenty of processing resources.

Furthermore, Dell Precision M3800 is packed with Microsoft's Windows 8.1 while MacBook Pro has a native computing platform from Apple. The difference in operating system could not really change my point-of-view for speed. But the 15-inch machine of Dell has a winning performance over the other due to its solid-state drive (SSD) and enormous size of RAM.

The base configuration of Precision M3800 is equipped with 8GB of RAM which supports a maximum of 16GB size. Aside from a 256GB of SSD storage, it is also packed with 500GB of a typical hard drive to hold a numerous multimedia files. And the newest version of this model has an Intel Core i7-4702MQ at 3.2GHz (octa-core) technology.

According to review, Dell Precision M3800 can boot faster than a MacBook Pro. It offers an excellent environment for Adobe Premiere Pro which make the entire system ideal for graphic designers.



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