Sunday, January 12, 2014

Claus de Paris Offers an iPhone 5s Crocodile Leather Protective Case

Adding a new taste in colorful iPhone 5s smartphone could change our way of thinking about the device, right? Aside from buying a simple protective gear that can prolong the lifespan of our device, other ways to feel more comfortable with it is just hanging around the corner. Just like of any rubberized casings in stores, Claus de Paris offers an extreme black and gold cover.

An elegant protective cover made of crocodile leather with golden sides. The screws reflects the 18K gold added with the shades of black. This iPhone 5s cover shows glamorous design from the handmade of Parisian culture. According to a reliable source, it is crafted not only to protect the iconic smartphone from Apple but also showcases the talent and skills of the people behind the gear.

Claus de Paris Offers an iPhone 5s Crocodile Leather Protective Case

However, the price is pretty high compared to simple and original casings from Apple recognized stores. It is because probably of the company's signature to offer a new line of product that bears their flagship in the market. And it is the most luxurious cover I heard since the first appearances of iPhone 5 in stores.

In addition, this might be one of the best peripheral for the said handset aside from the original accessories coming from Apple line of products.

Update: Previously, a new wave of Apple's iPhone 5s is coming to Chinese stores by January 17, 2014. It is only few days from now.



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