Saturday, January 25, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 is Reportedly Treated with Sapphire Substrate Display

The company CEO, Tim Cook officially announced the newest investment of Apple in Arizona, to produce a sapphire substrate glass for the next generation of their portable devices. A strong material which are also available in iPhone 5 outermost part of camera for protection against a possible damage in lenses. Due to the extreme hardness of sapphire crystal, it can offer a maximum protection to any devices treated with the said material.

At first, I just heard of sapphire substrate in Gorilla Glass technology. A durable glass intended for handheld devices that includes smartphones and tablets at any size. Apple is up for a mass production through their gigantic facility in Arizona, the home of original Mac Pro computer. Behind the development of Apple's sapphire glasses are Synopsys and Bern Optics, the two companies who are also investing some of their resources.

Apple iPhone 6 Reportedly Sapphire Substrate Display

Furthermore, a local Taiwanese publication, the Apple Daily reported that Foxconn started the production of first one-hundred iPhone 6 units with sapphire glass display. It is just a dry run in producing a new line of smartphone equipped with a highly protected screen. GT Advanced Technologies in Arizona signed a deal to answer the increasing needs of Apple for the said material.

Apple also noted that they are planning to expand the function of iPhone's home button through a sapphire glass technology. That is to redesign the function of a built-in sensor for a more responsive action by capturing a particular layer of user's skin.

And because of the increasing demand of sapphire glass wafer for their new upcoming products, Apple is reaching the local producer in Taiwan. Nobody knows their exact plan on when to reveal their new iconic device, but I am hopeful for another affordable and budget-friendly line of smartphone. It could be a colorful handsets just like of iPhone 5c in stores.



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