Saturday, December 7, 2013

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Hoax

Microsoft released a statement about a viral forum topic that captured the attention of the people working behind the development of Xbox One. According to them, it is not possible for anyone to tweak the newest console of their company for old video games to work. And that would lead to a possible problem and for their machine to break.

The topic is all about how to let Xbox 360 video games to run in Xbox One. But according to Microsoft, the new architecture of the gaming console will not really work for that scenario. Upgrades for old games coming from its predecessor will become available for download via live streaming. And that is for people who are not willing to take the risks in changing the gaming mode of Xbox One. Sad to say, that is probably coupled with different pricing rate.

In addition, trailer from Fallout 4 as mentioned in forum is clearly a hoax made by one of its fanatic. It is actually exciting for the first place upon hearing that topic but its up for us to take the risks of bringing those old games into life in Xbox One gaming environment.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Hoax

There are handful of surely compatible games coming to Xbox One as developers find their way on its potential for a more interactive and advance graphic technology. All we have to do now is to extend our patience and wait for the major video game companies to bring an extra excitement in the following months.



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