Thursday, December 26, 2013

Taiwan FTC Fined Apple for Restricting iPhone Prices

The Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission (FTC) fined Apple of more than $600-thousand due to restriction in prices of iPhone. According to Austrian Tribune, the company is trying to force local network providers in particular prices for their smartphone before settling in the country. And they would like to impose a restriction which captures the attention of government agency.

Furthermore, the Taiwanese government will sued Apple for a total sum of $20-million fine upon changing the service contracts with three local carriers. It is all because of free-trade law in the country which prohibit businesses to control prices. The three network providers who are settling a deal with Apple are Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd., Far EasTone Telecommunications Co. Ltd., and the Chungwa Telecom Co. Ltd.

Taiwan FTC Fined Apple for Restricting iPhone Prices

Apple is looking a new niche for their iPhone 5c and 5s. However, Taiwan is different from other neighboring countries where they can impose their own price.

The home of HTC Max One golden handsets has been threatened by the closest competitor before reaching the global market. And their government is on the right move to avoid monopoly in prices. Probably, to let their native product survive the competition.



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