Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sony PlayStation 4 Ad Teasing the Japanese Users

Sony brought out the first advertisement of PlayStation 4 in YouTube to tease millions of possible users in Japan. The anticipated gaming console is now headed to Japanese living rooms and expected to reach by the first quarter of 2014. That video shows a crowd from European and American retail stores who are patiently waiting for the gaming machine.

Stocks of PlayStation 4 along with Xbox One is back in Walmart, Best Buy, Game Stop, and Amazon for a year-end sale. Because of the increasing demand, stocks doesn't last in most of these retail outlets in U.S. before the Christmas Day.

Sony PlayStation 4 Ad

Going back to that PlayStation 4 ad for Japanese users, watch the following video below:

May the Japanese people enjoy the rest of their gaming experience with PlayStation 4! And before I can forget, that video also noted that the official release will fall on February 22, 2014.



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