Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rumors: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T110

Some people are talking about the upcoming new line of Samsung Galaxy Tab. And because of a several convincing sources of details, this story is coming in some point of reality. According to Sammy Today, a shipment record from South Korea to India reveals the exact model of another 7-inch handheld machine, the SM-T110. That is a 15 sample models for evaluation purposes.

Aside from a cargo details, a Wi-Fi certification document also reveals the specification of this machine. It has a frequency band of 2.4GHz, a category of smartphone, and it was dated last December 9, 2013. This might be a clear evidence for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite for now but we are still waiting for an official statement or press release from the company.

Furthermore, the document also reveals the underlying technology of Galaxy Tab 3. A portable device with 7-inch screen, ARM Cortex A-9 processor running at 1.2GHz, and will be running an Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T110

Far from the actual pricing details, according to some, this machine will probably have a 1GB of memory, 8GB built-in storage with MicroSD support (common to Galaxy Tab models), and will come less than $200.00. And aside from our source, EvLeaks also mentioned this upcoming device few days ago.

But if you are currently waiting for this model to arrive in stores and you are planning to replace your old Galaxy Tab, keep up with news and updates coming from Samsung.



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