Friday, December 27, 2013

Roundup: Golden HTC One Max, iOS 7.x Jailbreak, New Xperia Z Series, and iPhone 5 to Visit China

For the past few days, I was totally amazed by stories, press releases, and reports coming from reliable sources. It's all about the twist made in several devices by respective manufacturers. We do not know the exact plan of mobile phone producers in the future but having a droplet of ideas can help us understand the technological revolution.

In Taiwan, aside from knowing that the country's FTC is imposing a sanction to Apple's iPhone, HTC recently announced the availability of a golden One Max handset. Other regions should expect the new smartphone with amber gold theme in the first quarter of 2014.

On the other side, the team of Evasi0n brought out the first operational jailbreak for iOS 7.x. It is compatible to most of the newest version of iPhone, iPad, and the new generation of iPod Touch. However, possible user must expect a possible risk in tweaking their gadget and void in warranties.

Sony is about to introduce the new line of Xperia Z series with Android 4.3 update. Packed with additional features and capabilities which are not available in previous version. Update for the old version of Android is now on its way to the predecessors of Xperia phones.

And iPhone 5s and 5c is expected to arrive in Chinese stores by January of 2014. A tough decision made by Apple to compete in the land of world's top mobile phone producers.



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