Sunday, December 8, 2013

Razer Kazuyo Game Controller for iPhone is Coming

A recent tip from EvLeaks revealed a new game controller designed for iPhone from Razer is coming. According to our source, the gadget will be called Kazuyo, a portable gaming station with PSP-inspired look. However, there is no official statement from Razer that would give us a much clearer details for this gadget but its handful of photos in Twitter remind us of some available peripherals in the market.

Razer is a prominent maker of peripherals that turns smartphones to a gaming console. This might be a new model from their line of products that could bring a more exciting way to play video games in iPhone.

Razer Kazuyo Game Controller for iPhone

It is quite similar to the joystick of PlayStations but with a wide handheld controller in both sides.That handful of photos from EvLeaks of Razer Kazuyo might be unlocked by the upcoming Consumers Electronic Show (CES) 2014 by the month of January.



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