Monday, December 9, 2013

Philips Brilliance 231C5TJKFU-27 SmoothTouch LCD Monitor

While other companies are working in smartphone lines, Philips is introducing a multi-touch monitor. Preferably designed to work with Windows 8 operating system and desktop computers capable of running a multiple number of application at the same time. Brilliance 231C5TJKFU-27 SmoothTouch is a new series of LCD monitor from the company with elegance and ergonomic design.

We heard a couple of reviews for this model but that is not probably enough to bring the light for the SmoothTouch technology. According to our source, it is equipped with USB 3.0 connectivity ports, built-in microphone, 1-megapixel front-facing camera, VGA input, HDMI, DisplayPort and MHL-HDMI support for portable devices.

In addition, Philips Brilliance 231C5TJKFU series is designed with IPS panel that supports 1080-pixel high-definition (HD) resolution. It has a favorable viewing angle just like of some Samsung LCD monitors in the market. And due to SmartStand concept, it is capable of tilting to 60-degree angle.

Philips Brilliance 231C5TJKFU-27 SmoothTouch LCD Monitor

Furthermore, aside from the above specs, SmoothTouch line of LCD monitor features a W-LED back-light technology with responsive panels.



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