Sunday, December 29, 2013

NVidia Tegra Note 7 Update is Treated with Android 4.3 and Stylus Pen

Several smartphones and tablet computers with Android 4.3 are now headed to the global market. Few of these are treated with additional features coming from the newly customized operating system and some are newest variants to replaced their predecessors. And upon knowing that an upgraded version is about to appear in stores, the most exciting part is to compare the advantage of having an old model and the new one.

According to Liliputing, an upgraded model of NVidia Tegra Note 7 is coming. The 7-inch machine is now treated with Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) plus a stylus pen and fully enhanced camera. NVidia was known as the prominent manufacturer of tablet computers for Zotac and Gigabyte as well for EVGA. It means, we have to expect an updated version of Android for those machines to come from these producers.

NVidia Tegra Note 7 Tablet

Furthermore, NVidia is also expected to introduce a new additional software intended for stylus pen. That is to maximize the function of this accessory and to extend the user experience with Tegra Note 7 machines regardless of the flagship.

On the other side, newly upgraded handheld machines with Windows 8.1 are now on the same track to the market. Compared to Android-powered device, affordable prices is always on the top of buyer's choices. Budget-friendly tablets will always dominate the market share but in terms of features, that is a different story to tell, right?



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