Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nokia RX-115 8.3-Inch Full-HD Tablet Spotted in India

There are several tech enthusiast sites are talking about an 8.3-inch tablet from Nokia. However, nobody knows the exact name of this machine until Zauba, a website from India reveals a data that enclose an RX-115 device, a full high-definition (HD) tablet headed for testing and evaluation process. I heard that this portable machine will be called Lumia 2020 along with its variant, a 10-inch model, the 2520 (with a code name RX-113).

From a typical smartphone, Nokia is probably working for a much bigger device to replaced the line of Lumia in the future. According to Nokia Power User, both of these are equipped with Nano SIM card slot and probably, it was inspired by an iPad and Samsung Galaxy portable machines. And it is now on the process of evaluation in India coming from its respective manufacturers.

Nokia RX-115 8.3-Inch Full-HD Tablet

Furthermore, before this story about the new upcoming model of Lumia, handful of photos and screenshot of documents started to appear online. It is quite confusing but as our curiosity to know more is driving us to discover the other important details, we are now moving closer to the facts of Lumia 2020 and 2520 machines.



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