Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NEC Revealed a 42-Inch V423-TM Touch Integrated LCD Screen

NEC officially announced the availability of their very own 42-inch touch integrated LCD screen for about $2,400.00. A touchscreen-enabled and television-like device mountable to flat wall surfaces. However, the price is quite high compared to a typical smart TV from Samsung and LG. Because of that, it has a protective panel, an anti-reflective cover before actual glass. And that is also to bring an extra brightness noted by a press release coming from the company.

Capable of streaming a full high-definition (HD) video format in 1080-pixel resolution. NEC V423-TM has a promising capabilities provided by its newest devices intended for wide-screened smart televisions and strong types of panel. While writing this article, I am actually imaging the ideal LCD monitor for classrooms and conference halls. Although it is not wide enough to compare with multimedia projectors, its touchscreen technology is a big help for teachers to earn a few attention from students in any type of classroom, right?

Going back to NEC V423-TM, it is equipped with a high-grade LCD panel (commercially-made) and several components.

In addition, it has a four optical imaging camera for a more responsive capabilities. Packed with two-sided protective layer on its LCD with back-lighting parts to reduced energy consumption. And it is thin enough to fit in some shelves and cabinet added with 10-watt speakers to enhance user's experience in terms of sound.

NEC Revealed a 42-Inch V423-TM Touch Integrated LCD Screen

Hopefully, the device could offer a much better viewing angle compared to some of Sony and Samsung television in the market.



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