Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Microsoft Xbox One Gaming Console Converted to a Laptop Computer!

We know that Windows 8 is capable of running in mobile phones, PCs, and even in Xbox One. However, after watching one of DarkUncle33's video in YouTube recently, it is good to hear that a typical gaming console can possibly work as a laptop computer at the same time. A major modification has been made to give a more sophisticated features aside from having a wireless Kinect controller and joystick.

The Xbox One case has been reused. It is added with 22-inch monitor and standard analog audio jack for external speakers. The power light indicator has been moved to upper side and a disc drive facing the front side.

Microsoft Xbox One Gaming Console Converted to a Laptop Computer

To know more about this newly modified Xbox One, I suggest to watch the following video below:

DarkUncle33 created a unique model of Xbox One. A laptop-enabled gaming console with the same specs but added with capability to work as a portable machine.

According to the above video, the battery is not available within the entire package. And original power line of the gaming console must be used to keep the entire system running.

In addition, DarkUncle33 is also selling this gaming console in unknown price.



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