Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mad Catz Android-powered MOJO Micro Gaming Console

Imagine a gaming console powered by Android operating system. Will you think of a typical smartphone games to run in a new exclusive device? Although for now, clearer details for Mad Catz MOJO are still running around the Web, people are now talking about it. Its possible capability and supported video games when Android computing environment join Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to offer video games.

However, according to a reliable source, Mojo is just an additional accessories which can enable PC and mobile games to work through an additional device. Apps for this machine will become available from Google Play as well in Tegra Zone. But this will become a surprising machine if it is capable of running on its own package, right?

A power-efficient gaming console capable of supporting Bluetooth connectivity and a typical gaming console requirements. This will bring a full high-definition (HD) supports for Android apps coming from Google Play with a different approach in playing. It is powered by GameStart CTRL Mobile Gamepad technology to deliver a several types of gaming modes.

Mad Catz Android-powered MOJO

MOJO is integrated with NVidia Tegra Zone and built-in connection in Amazon. In addition, it is also capable of playing movies and videos coming from the same source. Enabling users to use external storage for files and as a hybrid one-stop gaming console and media center.



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