Friday, December 6, 2013

Live Support for Windows XP is Coming to an End by April 2014

We heard that Microsoft is about to end their support for Windows XP by April 8, 2014. It means, update server for a decade-long operating system will be shutdown for good. Currently, they are promoting Windows 8.1 as the newest and reliable version compared to Windows Vista and 7. And hot fixes and updates will not become available for XP starting on this date.

Aside from the newest version of Service Packs, their technical support will no longer available as noted by the official website of Microsoft. That would leave our PC unprotected from the newest threats and malicious scripts. It is also possible that all Windows XP powered computers will now become vulnerable in any angle.

In behalf of their announcement, Microsoft is encouraging users to get an upgrade. Windows Vista or 7 might be a good option but it is good to embrace the power of Windows 8.1, a touchscreen-enabled operating system intended for typical machines to tablet computers and mobile phones. They are giving us a few important advice before the month of April for us to be aware of their future plans about Windows XP.

There are handful of healthy tips coming from Microsoft on how to change our operating system from Windows XP to Windows 8.1. You can visit the official website of the software company for additional details and important notices that could help us on how to acquire a licensed copy of their new OS.

Maybe, Microsoft will be giving Windows XP for free by 2014 just like of what happened to DOS before. But of course, that is for people who would like to take the risks and responsibility to protect their computers from any harm. I think Microsoft will not immediately remove the help and support page of XP without a prior notice by April 2014.

And probably, it also the right time for us to say goodbye to Windows XP, right?



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