Tuesday, December 10, 2013

LG V510 is the Next Upcoming Google Nexus Tablet?

Samsung is the company behind the Nexus 10 tablet of Google. However, the search engine giant is probably looking for another manufacturer capable of handling their flagship. We know that two of their smartphone models are manufactured by LG. But because of the increasing demand in handheld computers, a bigger and wider model of those handsets can answer their needs to stay in the game.

EvLeaks shared a screenshot coming from unknown source. An XML code that reveals the possible plan of Google to offer a new 10-inch machine coming from LG, the V510. According to a reliable source, this model is probably a variant of G Pad V500 8.3. Nobody know the exact plan of Google but that few informative details remind us of another wave of machines with the newest version of Android.

Google Next Generation of Nexus Tablet

Nexus 10 is currently losing the spotlight from consumers and it is probably the right time for Google to decide for another machine that will replace a Samsung 10-inch model. And we decided to follow the other stories related to LG V510, a biggest challenge for us to deliver a more clearer report that will unlock the mystery of Google next generation of tablet computers.



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