Sunday, December 29, 2013

LG Model 11T Tablet is Coming with Intel Bay Trail-T Processor

Zauba recently revealed a cargo document that specifies a prototype of LG's upcoming new handheld machine with Intel Bay Trail-T processors. However, nobody knows the exact name of this device aside from a strand of info coming from Banglore Air Cargo. And it is possibly a 2-in-1 hybrid PC to come in two different models.

Google Play previously introduced the 8-inch tablet of LG along with Sony Xperia Z Ultra C6808. And now, the company is probably planning to sell a fully convertible tablets with Intel Atom Z3470 or Z3770. A bigger variant of LG G Pad with 11-inch screen. This size is closer to several notebook computers as well to HP's Pavilion x2 series.

LG 11T 2-in-1 Tablet

LG was known for manufacturing smartphones with Snapdragon line of processors. But now, the appearances of Intel Bay Trail-T along in 11T device model reminds me of a more powerful and energy efficient machine. For now, there is no official statement from LG that could verify the entire story. And is clear that the South Korean company will be joining HP and Acer to produce a series of 2-in-1 PC.

There is no other specs included on that fact sheet recovered by Zauba aside from the prototypes with Intel Atom Z3470 at 1.46GHz powered model and Intel Atom Z3770 at 1.33GHz. That document is not enough to confirmed that 11T will be the official name of these two machines. Probably, this will also come with either Windows 8 or Android operating system.



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