Sunday, December 8, 2013

Leap Motion Wireless Technology is Coming to HP Computers

Samsung's smart television and Microsoft's Kinect motion controller for Xbox gave us an idea on how a simple human gesture can change entertainment. In the other side, Leap Motion technology is about to bring an extra life to HP portable machines as noted by reports. And that is to change our way of sending commands to computers aside from the use of touchscreen panels and voice recognition.

Leap Motion controller will become available in HP's Pavillion All-in-One Touchsmart and Pavilion Desktop series as well in Envy Phoenix 810 PC. And this will become available this December as noted by press releases. This technology is exclusively designed for HP machines, a built-in sensor found in PC's original keyboards.

Leap Motion Wireless Technology Coming to HP Computers

Furthermore, Leap Motion controller for HP is intended for Microsoft's Windows 8 computing environment. To initiate the operating system's large and colorful shortcuts in a simple hand movement. And to know more about this technology, try watch the following video below posted by Techno Buffalo in YouTube. That will show you how this gadget will work in HP upcoming new line of products.



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