Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lamborghini Offers a Fully Customized iPad Cover for Only 44-Euro

For about $60.00 (44-euro), Lamborghini offers a signed and customized iPad cover. It is currently available for order in official online store of the company. A plastic protective gear suitable for second and third generation of 11-inch tablet. Additional offer includes a customized cover for iPhone and their sports car inspired tablet port.

The iPad cover is available in five different colors inspired by the ambiance of 12-cylinder and 700-horsepower racing machines from Lamborghini. I do not know if it is official for Apple and a car manufacturer to produce accessories with the same purpose, to protect our handheld machines inspired by speed and power.

Lamborghini Signed iPad Cover

Buyer can choose from either orange, black, blue, metallic white, or yellow color. The good thing is, each of this iPad cover is treated with original logo from Lamborghini. And that could make the back side of our tablet appears like a front hood of Aventador LP 700-4.

Furthermore, a signed Ferrari Challenge Leather Case previously showed out in Amazon. However, sale was temporarily terminated due to limited number of stocks. It might be an original accessory just like of this Lamborghini plastic covers. Compared to that leather case of Ferrari, the price is obviously high for a handmade customized interior-like gear.

In addition, no words for any available protective gear coming from Lamborghini intended for iPad Mini and iPad Air yet. But other people are also looking forward for its availability in other regions by the following months.



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