Thursday, December 12, 2013

HP Classmate 10 with Intel Celeron N2000 Bay Trail CPU

I just heard from Notebook Italia that HP is overhauling its Classmate 10 notebook with Intel Celeron N2000 (Bay Trail) processor. A nice track to follow in other computer manufacturer to bring a power-efficient machine for students in a very reasonable price. The new line shows the elegance of its predecessor but it is thinner than the previous version.

HP is planning to reveal the new variant Classmate 10 by the month of January 2014. And probably, they are about to introduce this machine in Consumers Electronic Show (CES) in Los Angeles, California. Let me try to figure out the other important details as the first wave orders started to appear in stores. Compared to other available portable 10-inch computers, Classmate 10 continue to outshine because of the lowest and cheapest prices.

HP Classmate 10 with Bay Trail Processing Technology

It is really reasonable for students and people working in academic institution. A handy and lightweight machine with Windows 8.1 operating system. For now, there is no words for its exact price but this will probably come in less than $300.00 per piece. And somehow, I am admiring the decision of HP to bring this technology in classrooms.



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